The JS automatic bagging machines are highspeed machines able to create bags from a tubular film and to introduce directly into them a wide range of products with standard sizes.
Possibility to process both laminated and shrink films.
automatic bagging machines - photo1
100% Cleanable
Always Connected
General features

Simple and solid construction for an easier cleaning and maintenance

Machine’s control by PLC, with various storable programs

Multilingual panel touch screen, easy and intuitive

Bag sealing and cutting device electronically controlled

FDA certified conveyor belt, with adjustable speed

Perimeter protections equipped with sensors, openable for inspection and maintenance

Internet connection (WI-FI) for remote control and tele diagnosis

automatic bagging machines - photo4

JS 06

The products bagged by the device model JS 06 come out through a special conveyor belt and then the customer is free to decide how to proceed to the next steps of processing.

automatic bagging machines - photo1

JS 08

The bagging machine model JS 08 is equipped with a robot, which moves on Cartesian axes, that picks up the bagged products and automatically lays them on the loading belt of the chamber vacuum packing machine which is integrated directly inside the structure of the bagging machine itself.